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How It Got Started

My Story

Some people like to collect things like stamps or shot glasses; I am a collector (and sharer) of experiences. Whether I'm traveling the world or trying a new restaurant down the street, I enjoy exploring the unknown and sharing those moments with others either thru videos and photographs or in person via the events I host.

"Vacays & Vittles" started as an Instagram page for solely for my food and travel pictures after a couple of my friends told me I post too much of them on MY personal page (#Haters). And while I've always enjoyed hosting and entertaining friends and family in my home, transitioning it into a business was the last thing on my mind.  I always worried, if I turned what I loved to do into a business, would I love it as much or would start to feel like work?


As I begin to document the things I ate and drank and the places I traveled to, I connected with people who inspired me to continue and helped me to focus on finding my own lane in my own time. I'd have these ideas of really cool events to host based off of something I ate or drank or a place I went and I'd think to myself, "This would be really cool if someone put this together, I'd pay for that experience." Then one day it hit me - "Why can't I do it myself?" And the rest was history...

With "Vacays and Vittles", you're going to see a lot of amazing food recommendations, mainly in the Baltimore area but also throughout my travels, interesting cocktails, and beautiful destinations. You're also (should you choose to come) going to experience some really dope and unique events. From donuts and wine pairings to Caribbean fetes to specially curated dinners, there's something for everyone and it will always be a good time.


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